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Fred Traversi, CEO
With the complexity of IT challenges in today’s business world, new technologies have altered the flow of time, giving rise to critical issues like data security, server sprawl, and the need for consolidation, automation and virtualization of IT solutions. Enterprises find it arduous to market new technologies and surround those with a set of services and solutions to make them consumable in the market-place. Charting a strategic course towards the next-generation IT systems is the OH-based IT infrastructure solution provider, AdvizeX Technologies, a subsidiary of Rolta.

Being a HP Platinum Partner, AdvizeX maintains superior expertise about HP products and helps companies utilize the best and latest of their solutions. “In order to address the rigorous tech-challenges faced by companies while making use of HP products, we have developed assessment, integration capabilities, and managed services capabilities,” says Fred Traversi, CEO, AdvizeX.

Most HP customers’ environments are becoming hybrid, between what they do onsite and offsite, with some of the new technologies like virtualization and automation. “We design an integrated environment that provides orchestration and automation capabilities for our customers and support this environment with Managed Services as required,” states Traversi. The company implements a virtual data center, starting with assessment and planning and moving through all stages of implementation and post-migration support. “HP Helion is one of the private, public, and hybrid solution from HP and it is the key element in our overall cloud platform. We are also working with VMware and their vCloud capabilities,” says John Brier, CTO, AdvizeX Technologies.

Even today, many companies are confused on the technology methodologies they ought to use—public cloud, private cloud, or other services—to tackle specific challenges. “We guarantee to be the single-point for a customer to manage technology, allowing them to compete in the market-place,” says Traversi. For instance, a large gaming company faced issues with the performance of their slot machines in casinos. They approached AdvizeX to develop a Big Data solution to improve preventative maintenance and machine uptime.
“In this scenario, we used HP’s Vertica Big Data platform to get automated data feeds from the slot machines and developed a system to improve machine uptime,” says Traversi.

While making use of HP products, we have developed assessment, integration and immediate services capabilities to address IT challenges

AdvizeX is also capable of integrating the networking needs with the increased move to mobility—mobile access to data. A large school system overcame their networking and mobility issues by using AdvizeX solutions. “Our trained technologists were able to first fulfill the mobility requirement, incorporating HP mobility security tool and then set up a wireless network to improve performance. We also simplified students’ and professors’ experience by developing online class registration,” says Traversi.

“We all come from competitive environments where we have learned to aim for success with a desire to compete to win consistency with our company values by empowering our teammates,” affirms Traversi. With the same confidence and focus, AdvizeX aims to expand regionally over the next three years. “We will be going after application level solutions with Oracle and Microsoft and have the ability to not only consult and provide application modernization services for customers, but also to maintain active databases for Oracle, Microsoft, and multiple versions of SAP,” adds Traversi.

AdvizeX, currently under Rolta, a provider of innovative IT solutions, is looking for new and innovative tech-advancement and recognition. “We believe we will be at the forefront of redefining the channels to bring together the traditional system integration business at the application level with the infrastructure business into holistic integration for our customers,” concludes Traversi.

AdvizeX Technologies

Independence, OH

Fred Traversi, CEO and John Brier, CTO

A provider of advanced information technology infrastructure solutions that enable optimal business performance