Infolaser: From Managed Print Services to Managing the Document Lifecycle

CIO VendorMarc Joly, VP Strategic Business Development
Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Infolaser specializes in providing enterprises with the best business practices in Managed Print Services (MPS) and document management across North America. The company offers MPS solutions as an independent expert. Through these services, Infolaser drastically brings down direct and indirect costs associated with managing the print fleet and document workflow in an enterprise.

Gartner mentions that amongst the top CIO priorities for 2014 were security and improving efficiency (workflow).

Marc Joly, VP, Strategic Business Development at Infolaser, confirms: “Although document printing and imaging projects are often not a top priority in enterprises it is a necessary first step in the process of managing the documents. The output and management on average equals 3 percent of a company’s annual revenue.”

Many companies are trying to control the printing and imaging costs by either reducing the number of devices or direct costs. However, over 90 percent of the document costs are above and beyond the hardware, support and supplies costs. “So there are exponential savings that can be achieved by streamlining document and business processes,” notes Joly.

This is best mirrored in their work with the Canadian Automobile Association of South Central Ontario (CAASCO). Infolaser assisted the client in completely refreshing their printing and imaging fleet while generating significant green savings, which was important to CAA. For example, the power consumption was measured before and after and Infolaser managed to reduce the power consumption by 138,000 kilowatt hours which saved the client $15,000 annually.

Also, they addressed the security issue by integrating a secure pull printing solution that has resulted in an annual paper savings of over 400,000 pages.

There are exponential savings that can be achieved by streamlining documents and business processes

Infolaser’s vision with managed print services is to help their clients optimize their whole document lifecycle. The first steps in this cycle is to measure and manage the document output, then assess the customer’s current situation to have a clear view of their assets, costs involved and challenges to overcome. Then they can begin to address the workflow aspects and measure the overall impact.

Being a strategic partner to HP for over 15 years, the company has evolved from simple supplies fulfillment and hardware sales to print solutions and document management software and solutions.

Infolaser is an HP Document Solutions Specialist (DSS) partner—the highest level of recognition and certification for a printing and imaging partner. The professional team, including industrial engineers at Infolaser, is qualified and trained by HP to deliver an entire portfolio of commercial imaging and printing products, along with integrating document management software solutions, such as security, mobility, and workflow management. “We lead with HP technology because of their reliability and open architecture (OXP and FutureSmart) that facilitates software and solution integration,” comments Joly.

Looking ahead, Infolaser is always looking for new and innovative ways to help companies manage their document lifecycle. The company is ready to further expand in North America and also continue to improve the customers’ end user experience while reducing costs and environmental impact. “Our objective is to become the premier MDS (Managed Document Services) provider in Canada catering to the specific needs of our customers,” concludes Joly.


Montreal, Canada

Marc Joly, VP Strategic Business Development

A managed document services solutions provider partnering with HP to deliver a better customer experience