Binary Tree: Mitigating Risks of Transition through SMART Migration

Steven Pivnik, CEO
HP is at the forefront of delivering a host of products and services for the organizations to strengthen their IT environment. HP’s IT Advisory Services support enterprises by offering guidance for cloud computing, enterprise architecture, and services management. However, many organizations often find it difficult to identify which products or services can fulfill their IT requirements. At this juncture, several partner companies guide such firms in selection and implementation of services offered by HP. Complementing the breadth and reach of HP service offerings with its technology and expertise, Kendall Park, NJ-based Binary Tree is one such company that helps organizations to migrate towards cloud infrastructure. “Our partnership allows customers to take advantage of the scale of HP capabilities,” says Steven Pivnik, CEO, Binary Tree. “The HP competencies are complemented by Binary Tree’s unique solutions in the areas of messaging migration, Active Directory migration, and Windows Server migrations.”

Having extensive experience in the IT industry, Pivnik says, “The primary trend today is the adoption of cloud.” In order to remain in sync with this current trend, HP has adopted the private cloud that caters to the needs of select enterprise customers and Microsoft Office 365 Cloud that HP implements for other customers of various sizes. Partnering with HP, Binary Tree enables customers in cloud adoption and consumption by customers as well as en¬hancing the cloud experience.

Binary Tree’s migration solutions cover broad range of products and services from user mailbox and calendar migration to Active Directory migration. Additionally, the solutions also consist of Windows Server migration including data and security, and public information repositories such as Public Folders, Shared Mailboxes, and SharePoint. “Binary Tree’s combination of technology, methodology, and subject matter expertise results in a well-managed and well-executed project,” extols Pivnik. The organizations can mitigate risks associated with environment transformations, preservation of organizational productivity, and ensure positive end-user experience during transition.

The company’s solutions establish seamless interoperability between the old and the new environments.

Binary Tree’s combination of technology, methodology, and subject matter expertise results in a well-managed and well-executed project.

As a result, IT performs a well-planned, managed, or executed transition of users and devices, and move appropriate content to the right destination regardless of the types and reasons for migration. “Our primary focus is aimed at the organizational productivity and end-user experience, as these two components usually define success or failure of any migration project,” affirms Pivnik.

One of Binary Tree’s customers, Budimex, a large construction firm wanted to manage the planning, coexistence, and migration throughout the project. The customer decided to rely on Binary Tree’s migration products. The company’s phased migration approach fulfilled the requirements of Budimex, while being flexible.

Having two decades of experience in the IT field, its “maniacal attention” to satisfy its customers, sets Binary Tree apart from the competitors. The company understands that the larger the customer the more unique their environment and requirements may be. Customer’s or busi¬ness partner’s problem becomes our problem instantly until a solution is provided. Due to the company’s adaptable nature, it is strongly acclaimed by a large number of customers, winning equally large competitive projects. Besides, the company has also built a global team of subject matter experts focused on customer satisfaction and technological innovation. “This is the formula that continues to make us relevant and be viewed as leaders in our market space,” adds Pivnik.

In the days to come, Binary Tree will continue to enhance its solution offering to ensure the best possible customer experience during a transition project. “We continue to identify trends and new requirements and quickly refine our roadmap to address these trends and requirements,” concludes Pivnik.

Binary Tree

Kendall Park, NJ

Steven Pivnik, CEO

Provider of SMART Migration software and solutions for Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory and Windows Server environments.