Derdack: Anywhere Incident Collaboration and Remediation

Doreen Jacobi, CEO
In the age of digitization, it is particularly important to operate mission-critical systems 24/7 for effective response to incidents. To maintain continuity of operations, specifically for customer-facing services anywhere notification, collaboration and remediation stands as the top priority for effective incident resolution. “Today’s business-critical scenario demands fast and efficient communications to ensure business continuity,” remarks Doreen Jacobi, President and CEO, Derdack. “In this, automated alert notification processes play a major role by reliably distributing critical information to the right people, and responding to critical incidents and emergency situations before they can impact business continuity and customer service,” she adds. Headquartered in Glen Allen, VA, Derdack offers automated, reliable and auditable notifications via communication means like voice, text, push, IM, email, and smartphone apps for a truly mobile incident response.

Derdack’s Enterprise Alert is known for its fast notification delivery and reliable support for multi-modal alert notifications. Enterprise Alert’s targeted notifications, reduce noise and increase accountability in critical incidents. It tracks the delivery of notifications, acknowledgements and replies and reacts automatically on non-delivery or non-reply by utilizing escalation chains, schedules and presence information. Enterprise Alert links events and data from all enterprise systems to the right people at the right time, which includes people who are on-call specialists or responsible for specific systems. The software provides a granular system for filtering and processing third party events—going far beyond scanning emails for plain keywords.

Enterprise Alert integrates seamlessly with HP systems and maximizes HP Software investment by adding mobile alert and remote response capabilities to IT management. “Derdack has been an HP Business Partner since 2006 and markets Enterprise Alert as the leading alarms, notifications and incident management software of choice for HP’s Software product line. Our partnership with HP is one of our most important growth drivers in the enterprise ITSM arena,” asserts Doreen. Derdack differentiates itself with its strategic focus, diligence in engineering and open innovation approach. “We have a very clear focus on offering a high quality enterprise class product that is designed for global enterprise needs.

Our partnership with HP is one of our most important growth drivers in the enterprise ITSM arena

For that we rely on premium engineering and constantly communicate with our key customers to ensure that we can provide solutions meeting our clients’ needs,” claims Jacobi. The company's latest release introduces a new “anywhere” concept for a significantly more effective and faster IT incident response and resolution. It uniquely combines anywhere incident notification, collaboration and remediation.

Derdack’s clients have been benefitted with its flexible platform concept. For instance, a leading automotive aftermarket retailer was looking to automate notifications and escalations of alerts and events for their on-call personnel. A core requirement was to implement automatic handling of the tickets and alleviate IT problems with tracking ‘who was notified and when’. The company was looking to provide accountability and acknowledgement of alerts. Upon implementing Derdack’s Enterprise Alert, the company was able to connect their IT monitoring and help desk infrastructure. It resulted in faster response and resolution to IT related incidents and added accountability. The company now gets an acknowledgement of an alert within 10 minutes of the incident and experiences approximately 50 percent improvement over the manual process. The entire IT oncall teams and the e-commerce department with 178 users in total can use on-call scheduling, mobile alerting, and broadcast messages, for tracking and real-time reporting.

Moving forward, Derdack aims to transform the way critical incidents are communicated and managed. “We aim for a long-term vision for innovation-fueled growth of the company based on the core values of persistence, passion and innovation. Our customer, partner and employee relationship is determined by integrity, authenticity and reliability and is always provided with a personal touch,” concludes Jacobi.


Glen Allen, VA

Doreen Jacobi, CEO

Provider of automating notification and communication workflows, in communication-enabling applications and in mobilizing incident management